Tamoxifen 10


Categorie: Anti oestrogenen
Pakket: 10mg (10 pillen)
Fabrikant: Sun Rise
Stof: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)

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Fabrikant: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Categorie: SALE

Stof: Trenbolone Enanthate

Pakket: 10 mL flacon (200 mg/mL)

Trenboxyl Enanthate 200 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD. – contains Trenbolone Enanthate and it’s an oil based steroid basically used for veterinary purposes, as well as by those involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting process. This substance is essential for building muscle mass and offer strength in a short period of time. Trenboxyl Enanthate is perfect to be used in cutting cycles and in preparation for competitions and contests. Trenboxyl Enanthate 200 can be added to various diets in order to provide mineral absorption and assist in building new muscles.
Trenboxyl Enanthate promotes nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and blood cell count in muscles. The anabolic effect of the product is often compared to those of testosterone; however Trenboxyl Enanthate does not have the ability to convert to estrogen. The steroid can be stacked non-aromatizing anabolic such as Winstrol or Primobolan and stronger compounds like Dianabol or Testosterone. After the cycle the use of HCG and/or Clomid/Nolvadex is a must. Average Dosage: men 75-100 mg per day, women and beginners – very small doses, or not recommended. The most common side effects – acnes on the lower arm, upper arm, shoulder, chest, back, and face, oily huid, aggressive behavior, Haaruitval and high water retention. Female athletes are advised to avoid this product due to its very strong virilization effects.

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