Anastrazolos 1


Categorie: Anti oestrogenen
Pakket: 1mg (50 pillen)
Fabrikant: Pharmacom Labs
Stof: Anastrozole


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Anastrazolos 1 by Pharmacom Labs is the most famous aromatase inhibitor in the sports community, which is used during steroid cycles based on aromatized drugs.

The drug is most common on the market under the trade name Anastrozole, which is also its main active ingredient. The peculiarity of this drug lies in its ability to quickly and efficiently level the activity of estrogen in the male body.

Acquiring Anastrozolos from Pharmacom Labs would be a smart decision because it can neutralize between 80 and 90 percent of estrogen in the body. This allows you to be sure that when conducting a steroid cycle based on flavored drugs, you will not develop estrogen-related side effects.

This drug is mainly recommended for experienced athletes who conduct cycles of anabolic drugs based on high dosages and long-term use of certain drugs. Not the highest price Anastrozolos 1 from Pharmacom Labs allows you to use this drug rationally and effectively, since it has a very pronounced therapeutic effect even in the case of using extremely small doses, starting to work a few hours after getting into the digestive tract.

Why do you need to buy Anastrazolos from Pharmacom Labs?

  • the peculiarity of the drug lies in the fact that it has a powerful antiestrogenic effect, which allows to suppress the activity of this hormone in the body of a man
    by significantly suppressing estrogen activity, this drug allows you to almost completely eliminate the risk of estrogen-dependent side effects during the cycle of steroids (Gyno, high blood pressure, fluid retention, etc.)
  • the active component of the drug is able to inhibit the activity of 80% to 90% of estrogens in the body of a man
  • has a high absorption (this means that the highest content of the active substance in the blood will be achieved within a few hours after the initial intake)
  • by significantly reducing estrogen activity in the body, this drug indirectly increases testosterone levels
  • the drug is not a steroid, does not have progestogen activity and helps to remove excess water from the body
  • extremely rarely characterized by the manifestation of adverse reactions during administration

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