Categorie: Injecteerbare steroïden
Pakket: 10 mL flacon (200 mg / mL)
Fabrikant: Dragon Pharma
Stof: Dihydroboldenone Cypionate


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Fabrikant: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Categorie: SALE

Stof: Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Pakket: 60 tablets (10 mg / tab)

Oxandrolon is the trade name for the synthetic steroid released by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. It is intended for oral administration and is produced as 10 mg tab. Each tablet contains 10 mg of Oxandrolone hormone, and can be used both in men and women. Oxandrolon is available on sale in a blister with 60 tablets.
Oxandrolon is a potent Dihydrotestosterone derived oral anabolic steroid, widely used due to its considerably small level of androgenicity and a moderate anabolic effect. Oxandrolon is one of the leading products in therapeutic steroidal treatment. Bodybuilders and athletes are using it to accomplish important gains in strength without gaining body weight. The drug is essential for those involved in weightlifting and powerlifting process. Oxandrolone is very popular and efficient among female athletes as well.
Oxandrolone combats muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis, and other conditions. Although it is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, its liver toxicity is very small. The usual use of this oral steroid is in combination with testosterone as well as with high anabolic / moderate androgenic steroids such as Equipoise or Nandrolone. In pre-contest phase Oxandrolone is often used in combination with Masteron or Trenbolone and Winstrol. Average dosage: men 50-100 mg per day, women – 2.5-10 mg daily. An Oxandrolon cycle varies from 6 to 12 weeks on length. Main side effects: liver toxicity only if taken in high doses, androgenic-caused side effects as clitorial hypertrophy, acne, deep voice, or increased body hair growth when used by women.

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